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T&D Vol. 4 [Aaaaand there it is.] – Tom and Jerry #10 “Remember Tom, the Great and Powerful?” — “Sure, I saw him in The Power of Love!” — “That was so long ago. Can’t you just forget about him?” — “Well, I can’t. I haven’t seen him since that day.” Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry. Tom: You know, buddy, you can’t… Jerry: Remember Tom, the Great and Powerful? Tom: You mean the guy who had all that power? Jerry: Yeah, the guy who had all that power. Tom: Yeah, I thought so. Jerry: Did you know him? Tom: Yeah, that was me. Jerry: That was you? Tom: Yeah, I was the Great and Powerful Tom. Jerry: Did you have all the powers? Tom: Yeah, I had all the powers! And I had to give ‘em all away… you know, I’m here for a little while longer, and then… Jerry: I guess, you know, that’s that. Tom: Yeah, I guess that’s that. ‘Course, we could change our story, right? We could change the ending! Jerry: Change the ending? Tom: Yeah, the ending. Jerry: What do you mean? Tom: Well, if you were to change the ending, I’d have all the powers, and I’d give ‘em all away, and I’d be Tom-Jerry and… Jerry: Oh, we’ll do that. Tom: Then, I’d have all the powers. Jerry: I get it. Okay, we’ll change the ending. Tom: Okay. Jerry: What should we call the new ending? Tom: Um, I don’t know. Jerry: So, I guess, if we were to have this new ending, I’d have all the powers, and I’d give ‘em all away, and I’d be Tom-Jerry, right? Tom: Right. Jerry: Okay, all right, we’ll have this new ending. Tom: All right. Let’s have this new ending. Jerry: Let’s have the new ending. All right. Here



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DownloadTomandJerryTheFastandtheFurry morpeat

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