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About Us

Our values and approach create a differentiating factor that enables the relationships & partnerships that we develop to flourish.

Our Story

Advanced Physician Solutions is a full-service medical billing company with a focus on excellence in healthcare revenue management. Our founder Patti Francis, started Advanced Physicians Solutions with the intent to return the independent to independent practices. 14 years later, she has built a company that still upholds that standard and has the reputation to back it. 


At APS, we maintain a 100% satisfaction rate amongst our clients. How? We built our business to be all about your business. With APS you can rest assured that your practice is in the right hands. We don’t double check, we triple check, and all with your profit in mind. Our focus is on your business so you can work in the business.

Our Mission

Keeping independents independent through: transparency in communication, completing each service thoroughly and efficiently, commiting a high level of attention to detail, treating you and your practice with respect. 

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