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Bringing you a hands on approach with over 150 combined years of industry specific expertise while leveraging state of the art technology. 



Our Billing services provide you with an inter-connective and agile system that assists with accurate charge capture, timely billing submissions and fee schedule adherence. We even offer operational system building, accountability verification, and “clearing house” monitoring, along with a suite of additional services to get your the greatest return on the work you do.  


Our coding is performed by certified specialists to ensure it maintains high specificity and service authenticity. We assure your billing code is revenue reflective and also seeks the highest potential return on  your service provided.


Credentialing & Contracts

Credentialing services consist of our dedicated staff of trained professionals to gather the status of each of your clients network status from their carriers and providers so you don’t have too!  Our Contracting services ensure that each provider and carrier is thorough and integral in holding up every part of their responsibility in a timely manner. 

Full Practice Management

With our Practice Management and Consulting services we "become you". We provide you and your practice with: staff training, accounting coordination, vendor relations, legal coordination, as well as assistance in purchasing, banking, recruitment and retention! We support the complete practice, for your total success.


Schedule your free consultation & learn what we can do for your practice.

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